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Think twice

A tournament on the next level.

General information

All you need to know before signing up

Think twice is a online tournament by rltySports you can join for free and win a prize.
The tournament will be live at Toornament.


  1. A team of 5 Minecraft players
  2. Each player has to have have a YouTube, Twitch or Facebook live channel, where people can watch the tournament.
  3. Each player needs a streaming program for the live stream
  4. Time, when the tournament starts.


  1. One month ads on our servers and an ad free experience for 6 month
We are still looking for sponsors. If you have something, we woud be happy to work with you!


How the game works

You and your team will get wool in different colors. 
With the wool, you have to copy a wall on your field. 
The problem: you can not remove blocks, without reseting the field. 
The good thing: you can also place blocks on the other teams field to mess theirs up. 
Once you are done, press the "finish"-button. 
We play 3 rounds on a stage.
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For business

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think twice